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Area of application

Technology of producing the Network Cards

Joint of IP Address and MAC.
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Technology of Automation System Optim

Increasing the report making speed with more comprehensive information such as about the scraps, in production lines.
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Producing CV axle for front wheel drive vehicles

When an axle is given the responsibility of accomplishing some additional works such as steering mechanism, power transmission, reducing the engine rpm, adjusting the effect of the road, special easy moves, and ease of movements, its design and construction are considerably complex. On the other hand, based on the vehicle and place restrictions, it has some varieties. Thus, establishing a production line to produce different types of axles for front-wheel drive vehicles is emphasized.
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The elimination of environmental hazardous pollutants of solid wastes derived from tannery effluent’s treatments

To treat and recover the solid wastes containing chrome derived from leather manufacturing factories and main effluent refinery of Charm shahr industrial city on account of converting it into a profitable material
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Improvement of Talc Quality

When laminate talc on PVC base , change color of final product Possible causes - Manufacturing of layer problem - Material of Talc problem - Laminate to parts together problem - Talc formulation
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Omitting N2 from CH4

Petrochemical Industry.
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Paper base Packaging System

Increasing efficiency in employing labors and production rate in packaging systems.
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Heterogeneity of silver master batch in plastic injection process

In silver plastic products, propylene (Granul) mixed with silver Tests
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Eliminate foot odor in plastic(Artificial leather) shoes

No change in the production line No increase in prices The proposed solution must be suitable for mass production
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Production completion of industrial and nutritional Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) Chloride .
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