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Area of application

desalination Block

1- There is no limit for the capacity of this system and any capacity can be built by connecting the modules together 2- System Efficiency is about 40% - 45% 3- Blocks could be designed for use in the segment 30 - 30,000 m3- day
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HRH Process to convent heavy crude oil and residue to light crude oil and products

This technology performs with lower pressure comparing to other competitor technologies, and with better cecnomic features
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Demercaptanization of middle distillates condensate and crude oil

DMD and DMC technologies enable us to reduce mercaptane content from few thousands ppm to less than 50 ppm or even less
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Production of Molecular Sieve Zeolite 13X

The process consist of a crystallizer and other standard units operation
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Process of benzene removal from Hydrocarbon

This process has two towers that in the first tower feed distillated and then the benzenes removed from it. And the in the second tower used solvent recovered and recycled to process.
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