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Area of application

Nano Technology

Technical specifications of each instrument are explained in their catalogues (attachment).
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Nano particles of ZnO

As an Additives in industrial coatings to protect wood, plastic and textiles from exposure to UV rays Transparent electronics Ultraviolet (UV) light emitters Piezoelectric devices Chemical sensors Gas sensors Advanced catalysts Advanced supports Chemical absorbents Polymer filler and additives Anti wear additives in oil lubricants Advanced ceramics Photo catalysts Solar energy conversion cells Cosmetic Additive in rubber industry
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Thermal Nano Fluids

Transportation Industry (Vehicles radiator), Aerospace (Thermal transistors), Cooling systems
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Nano Engineered Anodic Aluminum Oxide

1- Electronic and Photoluminescence Properties of AAO Membranes 2-Nanotechnology Applications (Nanomaterials and Devices, Nano-Dots and Nano-Magnets) 3- Biological Applications 4- Nano filtration and water purification 5- Gas separation 6- membrane-reactor systems
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Nano Technology instruments

These tools are utilized in R and D activities as well as manufacturing nanotechnology products.
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