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Area of application

Analytical methods for determination of pesticide residues in foods

1) Determination of 108 pesticide residues in foods using LC-MS/MS 2) Determination of 56 pesticide residues in foods using GC-MS
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ToMeKer Walking stick chair and desk

- Desk - Chair - Walking frame
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Multi Purpose Therapeutic Wheelchair

- Wheelchair - paint - Car Seat Frame - Massaging tool - battery -Sponge And Bandages - heating furnace - Wiring and Switches
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Biomodelling and Fabrication of Patient Specific Implant for Craniofacial reconstruction

1. Uncompressed DICOM format CT Scan data of patients 2. Bio-medical grade implant materials
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Crystal menthol

Mentha arvensis herb - Stem Distillation - Menthoa oil - Crystalization - Purementhol
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Preparation of Modern Diabetic Food

Red wheat grain soyabean cake and barley grains mixed at a specific ratio
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Robotic rehabilitation

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