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control systems

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Hire spect Animal Imaging

he two gamma camera heads attach to separate linear translation stages allowing the focal distance of the cameras to be varied easily and independently. - Animal-Horizontal Orientation, Animal is stationary, detectors revolve. - Images small animals (mice/rat/rabbit) - The gantry is available on a wheeled platform incorporating a back-up power supply allowing it to be moved between laboratories. - HiReSPECT uses high performance and reliable dual head configuration (can upgrade till four heads) with the possibility of head rotation for imaging bigger animals such as rat and rabbit.
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Pulse electrical explosion

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Self Rechargable Powerbank for Smartphones

1- Used of Super Capacitor. 2- Innovative Circuitary. 3- Special module of circuit to curb and re-channel power losses 4- Programmable controller chip to manage switching.
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