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Area of application

Radiation processing technology

1. Maintains moist environment at the wound dressing interface 2. Possible to use on infected wound 3. Transparent and flexible 4. Comfortable and contour forming 5. Good absorption characteristics 6. Oxygen permiable 7. Impermeable to microorganism 8. Sterile
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Development of Portable Commercial Fiber Glass Biogas Digester

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Chemical stabilization of rice bran and its oil

Freshly milled raw rice bran - chemical treatment - stabilized bran bagged in jute sacks- solvent - Extraction - Bran oil
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Wheat flaskes

It is made from wheat soybean milk powder some minerals and vitamins at a specific ratio
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Production of spirulina

The process in short consist of maintenance of stock culture of spirulina in the laboratory in flasks serial transference of culture in larger vessels cultivation of the plant in covered shallow concrete ponds containing synthetic nutrients agitation of the culture by mechanical means harvesting of the algal biomass by a special technique washing and drying of the algal slurry While the filtrate is recycled back of the pond for further utilization of the nutrients remaining in it by the biomass left at the pond addition of feed back consisting of required nutrients, regular maintenance of water level pH and regular agitation is integral part of the process. Proper maintenance is essential to retard the growth of contaminants in the culture
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