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Area of application

Graphene Dispersion and Functionalisation Techniques in rubber and plastics products

Rubber and plastics reference specification that indicates improvement from current thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, impermeability, tensile strength.
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Pressure vessel for LPG using SIRIM Technology on filament winding

Pressurized LPG tank with capacity and pressure of 12kg and 100 bar. The working pressure is 4-6 bar
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Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Technology

1. Cell voltage a. min discharge voltage, 2.8V b. working voltage, 3.0V-3.3V c. max charge voltage, 3.6V 2. cell capacity - 10Ah 3. Volumetric energy density – 220Wh/dm3 4. Gravimetric energy density => 90Wh/kg 5. Specific energy of 90-110 Wh/kg
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Processing of Tungsten Heavy Alloys to Substitute Imports

fabrication of the WHAs in nano size
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Recycling of submerged arc welding slag

Crushing of slag, flotation, magnetic separation, sieving, mixing with additives, furnace drying
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Manufacturing of brake disc

Disc brake manufactured from aluminum-silicon alloy reinforced by silicon carbide using vortex technology and casted in sand mould
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Produced by Hot Dipping Techniques

Fabrication of Galvanized Wires Produced by Hot Dipping Techniques
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Metallic coated Steel as an alternative for super alloys used in refinery and petrochemical industries

fabrication of coatings that resist high temperature corrosion
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Recovery of zinc from zinc dross in hot dip galvanizing factories

High purity zinc
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Chemical Vapor Deposition CVD of Tool Steels

High performance and long lasted CVD coated tool steels
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Manufacturing of anodes for chloralkali process

Anodes used in the chloralkali industry
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Roll grooves design and rolling parameters calculations

Prediction of strain, strain rate, coefficient of friction, flow stress at rolling condition, and roll separating forces
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Glauconite in agriculture as potassium sulphate fertilizer substitute

Glauconite ore is directly applied to loamy and sandy soil to replace potassium sulphate chemical fertilizer
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Integrated processing of black liquor from paper mills

Black liquor disposed from paper mills using rice straw and baggase as feedstock is neutralized, acidified to precipitate lignin and the spent liquor is treated to recover sodium hydroxide and produce calcium phosphate fertilizer
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Production of iron carbide from fines of iron pellets

Iron ore fines disposed from pellets handling are reduced by reducing gases in shaft/fluidized bed furnaces
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