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Area of application

Production of pig iron from ilmenite ore

1- Ilmenite ore is smelted in electric arc furnace, molten pig iron is tapped and titanium rich slag is separated. 2- The pig iron is desulphurised acid in induction furnace and molded in ingots. 3- The slag enriched in titanium is sold for further processing
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Production of magnesium sulphate from magnesite ore

Ground magnesite ore is digested with sulfuric acid, calcium separated by pH-adjustment, filtration, crystallization of product
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Acid activation of bentonite

Bentonite ore is treated with mineral acid, thickened, washed and dried
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Upgrading the quality of ilmenite ore

The ore is crushed, ground, classified and then subjected to gravity (and/or magnetic) separation
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Upgrading feldspar (or albite) ores

The ore is crushed, ground, classified, and then subjected to magnetic separation (and/or flotation)
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