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The Second Round of D8 TTEN Award to be presented at the D8 Summit Meeting

Pub Date: 9/13/2017 12:00:00 AM


According to the report of D-8 TTEN Secretariat, the D-8 TTEN Secretary also the President of Pardis Technology Park, stated:  The Second round of D-8 TTEN Award will be presented to the best technology transfer contract in 2016 between the D-8 and other Islamic member countries during the D-8 summit meetings.

 Mr. Saffarinia explaining about the nominating contract, said: “The network’s secretariat dispatched the call for the Award with its details to representatives of the network in D-8 member countries, relevant organizations of the countries, technology parks and technology companies and up to now several contracts have entered the nominating stage. The deadline for the nomination announcement will continue until 5th of October 2017.”

 The secretary of D-8 TTEN network also explained regarding the Award ceremony: “Based on the discussions made with the D-8 TTEN secretariat, the second round of the D-8 Award will be presented at the summit meeting which will be held from 18-20 October, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey, participated by Presidents and foreign ministers of D-8 member countries.

Regarding the first round of the Award, he added:  “The first round of the Award for the 2015 contracts was dedicated to a contract signed for technology transfer from ArioGen company in Iran to a Malaysian company named Innobioventure and was presented at the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of the D-8 member countries in Izmir, Turkey.

 It is worthwhile mentioning the technology companies of the D-8 member countries and the Islamic countries can find details of registration for the second round of the Award by referring to the website Also details of the technology transfer contracts among companies of the D-8 member countries  with other Islamic countries  for the year 2016 and topics of their contracts, the technology transfer and the know- how of the technology products which could all have the eligibility to nominate for the Award can all be found at the same website.





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