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Session of Council for Technology Investment Meeting held in Tehran

Pub Date: 8/8/2017 12:00:00 AM



According to the report of the D-8 TTEN secretariat, the first Technology Investment Meeting (TIM) Council was held on 8th August 2017 in Tehran, I.R. Iran.

The meeting was held with the intention of reviewing the actions made by the executive team   and exchange of views and recommendations. The members of the council discussed the objectives of the meeting as well as ways to inform the member countries for taking part in the meeting, different areas of the meeting and meetings for transfer of experiences and workshops, the content of the meetings and how to collaborate with relevant organizations.

Based on the program, this year’s meeting is focused on VC in D-8 member countries as well as other Islamic countries and members of the council were selected as such.

 The Meeting Council is composed of experts from relevant organizations and companies associated to the deputy president for science and technology, Iran Technology Development Fund, Innovation Fund, Pardis Technology Fund, Novel Technology Development Fund, Iran Stock Exchange, Arman Investment Company, SarAva Pars Company.

 It is worthwhile noting the first meeting of the D-8 Technology investment will be focus on VC fund and intends to share international experiences as well as the opportunity to create cooperation among the Islamic countries in this regard.




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