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Registration has begun for Technology Transfer Award of 2018

Pub Date: 4/28/2018 12:00:00 AM

Procedure for identifying and selecting the best technology transfer contract signed among D-8 Member States and other Islamic States in 2017 is commenced and eligible candidates could register online at


Mr. Mahdi Saffarinia, D-8 TTEN Secretary, said: Technology Transfer Award project was ratified in the second High Council Meeting of TTEN to be implemented among activists in D-8 and other Islamic States with the support of I. R. Iran.


He added, with the beginning of the contracts nomination for the Award2018, signed ones dated within Jan 1st to Dec 31st owning eligibility are allowed to register for the Award. The deadline for nomination is August 1st and online registration at is provided. Other dated contracts in 2018 could be nominated for the next rounds of Award.

Mahdi Saffarinia talked about the Award items and said, new approach was determined in the Secretariat for the Award items to add more value to the winners. So the Award items are specified as Award Certificate, Support for participation in renowned technology events throughout the world, free participation in one of TTEN events and assist in proposing the contract to one of donating entities for financing.


With the Technology Transfer Award, D-8 TTEN would be capable to extend its relations with companies and encourage the fulfillment of needs of technologies in Member States in a different way.


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