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Registration Opened for Technology Investment Meeting of 2017

Pub Date: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM




The D8 TTEN secretariat has attempted to hold an international meeting on D8 TTEN VC fund from 5-3  December2017  in Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mr. Ghanbarpour while announcing the news added: “This meeting will be held with the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge regarding venture capital funds and to provide the grounds for joint collaboration among them at the sideline program of Mustafa prize ceremony.”

He also stated: ”Various topics are included in this event such as panels on sharing ideas regarding these funds, offering working models and presenting several case studies of the startup companies working with VC funds, introducing a number of startups from the member countries, sharing ideas for creating a network among the VC funds, holding training courses, etc.”

 Mr. Ghanbarpour also said: “We should not think that the increase in the current number of VC funds means that we are in a suitable situation at regional level, we actually fail to have an appropriate ranking within global statistics and need to try harder and be more active by using world experiences.”

Deputy secretary of D8 TTEN network expressed hope that through closer participation of foreign VC funds in this event, a very appropriate opportunity would be created for the country’s innovation ecosystem, for growth and development of knowledge that would pave the ground for international cooperation in this area.”

In the end, he stated: “Those who wish to take part in this event follow the website  and fill up the form for registration.

 It should be reminded that D8 TTEN Network was initiated in 2013 among the D8  member countries  by Pardis Technology Park. One of the main aims of this network is to create  synergy among the technologists from around the world for communication development, expansion of  technology oriented markets and transfer of know-how as well as  strengthening of collaboration among the member countries. 





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