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Technology Transfer Workshop for D8 Member Countries Organization

Pub Date: 4/24/2016 12:00:00 AM





1- Introduction


Based on the approval of the Industrial Ministers’ meeting of the D-8 member countries in 2012, Pardis Technology Park as the representative of the Islamic Republic has undertaken the responsibility of establishment and operation of D-8 Technology Transfer Network. After defining its content and creating its infrastructure, the secretariat of D-8 TTEN was established and came into operation at Iran National Technomart Center located at Pardis Technology Park and began its work with the aim of developing technology transfer among member countries in order to help technology based markets flourish.

 As such, meetings of the supreme council of the network has been held annually since its inception with participation of the D-8 Secretary general, ambassadors of D-8 countries and foreign and national authorities and representatives of the D-8 member countries.

National Technomart of Iran as the Iran Focal Point for D-8 TTEN launched the workshop as its executive plan activity for 2016 ratified in the 3rd High Council Meeting of the D-8 TTEN in 2015 in Malaysia. The workshop was held in April 24-27 and was participated by the experts and science and technology activists from Iran, Turkey, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia and lecturers from France. 


2- Opening Ceremony- April 24, 2016


The ceremony was commenced by the attendance of D-8 Economic Cooperation Secretary General, International Deputy of President Deputy for Science and Technology, ambassadors of member countries in Iran, D-8 TTEN Focal Points in member countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey and Nigeria), International Deputy of Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation (CITC), President of Pardis Technology Park and authorities from Iran and other countries which was held in Parsian Esteghlal hotel at 08:30 AM. The key-note speech lecturers were Dr. Mousavi, D-8 Secretary General, Mr. Saffarinia, Pardis Technology Park President, Mr. Birang, International Deputy in S&T Vice Presidency of I. R. Iran, Dr. Shaterzadeh, and Research & Technology Deputy of Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC). They had one common emphasis in their speeches: developing knowledge based economy among member countries, particularly, Muslim countries.


3- First day of the workshop- April 24, 2016


After reception of the opening ceremony, the participants were transferred to Pardis Technology Park which is 20 Km outside Tehran, the Capital, and after lunch and prayers they were first welcomed by the Secretary of the Iran National Tech market Network (Iran’s D-8 TTEN focal point), followed by presentation delivered by Dr. Shaterzadeh, Head of scientific committee, on the program of the workshop. After offering a general framework, topics such as contracts for the technology transfer were explained with the following outline:Latest topics related to the contracts;


  • Bilateral commitments of the contract;
  • Training staff on contracts and related matters (e. g. licensing);
  • Guarantee and Warranty;
  • Definitions and expressions related to contracts.



4- Second day of the Workshop- April 25, 2016


The participants visited the Aryan company located at Pardis Technology Park. Dr. Alex Roustaie presented the first and second part of the morning session with the topic on technology transfer:


  • Risks and Advantages of technology transfer;
  • Technology transfer and strategies of companies;
  • Types of technology transfer and areas to choose for technology transfer + case study;
  • Technology transfer agents;
  • Technology Pricing methods and its instruments;
  • Risk management in the technology transfer process via case study assessment.



 In the afternoon session, first, the participants became familiar with the Aryan company. Later Mr. Abbaszadeh and Mr. Vasim Saadeh presented the third and fourth session of the program in three hours.

At the end, the participants attended the dinner banquet hosted by the Mustafa Prize Charity Endowment, also participated by Dr. Sattari, Dr. Salehi and other elites who witnessed the presentation of the Khadem Al-Mustafa Medal to the endowers of this Prize.


5- Third day of the Workshop- April 26, 2016


After the participants visited the Pars online Company located at Pardis Technology Park, Dr. Alex and Mr. Abbaszadeh presented the first and second presentation of the morning session.

The topics delivered were:

  • Technology Evaluation Index;
  • Qualitative and Quantitative methods for technology’s evaluations;
  • Technology evaluation methods and levels;
  • Case studies.

 In the afternoon session, the participants first became familiar with the working areas of Pars Online Company. Later, Mr. Abbaszadeh presented the technology evaluation methods followed by Mr. Saad who explained about the technology policymaking. At the end of the day the participants went on an excursion.


6- Visiting Mapna Company- April 27, 2016


 All the participants of the workshop visited the Mapna Company in the morning and became familiar with Parto Company which is professional in producing turbine blades. Then the participants visited the Milad Tower as a symbol of Modern architecture and tourist attracting sight.




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