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1st D8 TTEN Technology Transfer Award

Pub Date: 10/21/2016 12:00:00 AM


1- Introduction


The Technology Transfer and Exchange Network of the D-8 organization for Economic Cooperation countries Known as D-8 TTEN was initiated in 2012 and its secretariat was established at Pardis Technology Park in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The aim of this effort was to develop cooperation among the D-8 member countries in the areas of technology transfer and to absorb advanced technologies and move towards knowledge based economy.

For the same purpose, the idea of awarding “The Technology Transfer Award” was suggested at the second supreme council of the network in Nigeria in 2015 and was ratified by the representatives of the D-8 member countries, to be supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran through the efforts of the Pardis Technology Park (D-8 TTEN Secretariat) in order to encourage D-8 member countries to have closer collaboration in the technology transfer process.

Based on its statute, the Technology Transfer Award equivalent to 5000 USD will be offered (to each party) and an appreciation plaque will be presented to at least one of the D-8 member countries and other Islamic countries.

General conditions for evaluating the contracts are:


  • One of the contractors should be from the D-8 member country and the other contractor should be from an OIC member country;
  • The contract should abide by one of the technology transfer methods and its selling product should have its unique features;
  • All the science and technology fields are included.


Special conditions drawn for scoring the contracts include:



  • Financial amount of the nominated contract
  • Time Trend
  • Technology Transfer method
  • Parties commitments
  • RoR of investment



2- 2015 Award for the Best Technology Transfer Contract


The first round of D-8 TTEN Technology Transfer Award to the best technology transfer in 2015 was part of the programs of D-8 TTEN secretariat implemented in 2016. The following attempts were made:


  1. Formulate the statute for the Award and rules of selection;
  2. Inform domestic and international organizations, focal points and relevant companies;
  3. Receive contracts from the nominees who were eligible based on the general conditions from Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Lebanon, UAE, Pakistan  and KSA;
  4. Evaluation of the contracts based on specific conditions and scoring them by the juries;
  5. Announcement of the winners and determining the date and place for the Award;
  6. Holding the 2015 award ceremony in Izmir, Turkey, participated by winners from Iran and Malaysia.


After the announcement, six contracts were eligible based on the general conditions and in the next stage were evaluated by the juries.


3- Features of the nominees


In 2015, candidate contracts were received for nomination from Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, KSA, Malaysia and UAE. Based on the general and special conditions of the regulations of the 2015 Award, the technology transfer contract between AryoGen company from the Islamic Republic of Iran and Inno Bio Venture company from Malaysia were selected as the best nominee of the D-8 TTEN Award.










No. 140, Corner of Tajbakhsh Street, 24th Km, Tehran-Karaj Makhsous Road, Alborz-Iran.















Technology Transfer subject




Tech Transfer Method

7th  Nov 2015


USD $ 20 million




AryoGen Company


AryoGen company has targeted its activities on producing biotechnology drugs in order to promote the quality and health standards of those patients who suffer from threatening and difficult diseases. Based on Professional staff who have the skill to produce biopharmaceutical drugs, AryoGen has succeeded to offer several important products to the market. By acquiring the technology for industrial production and quality control monoclonal antibodies, it aims to provide a large portion of the drugs needed for the patients both in Iran and abroad. The multiple production line and the scientific background has made this target achievable.


Ino Bio Ventures Company


The Inno Bio Ventures Company from Malaysia is active in developing biological drugs and offering training services. Through close acquaintance with the abilities of the Aryogen company in Iran, it attempted to develop bio similar drugs through a contract on technology transfer and to be the initiator of developing such products in Malaysia and its neighboring countries.


4- D-8 Chambers of Commerce Meeting


One of the international events of the D-8 in 2016 was the meeting of D-8 chambers of Commerce. The main program was to have representatives of the D-8 chambers of commerce gather to discuss and exchange their views regarding increasing their trade deals between the D-8 member countries in a two-day event. This meeting was held on 20 and 21st October 2016 in Izmir, Turkey.

In this meeting, apart from the representatives of the chambers of commerce of countries, other representatives from cities of Turkey such as Izmir, Tarabuzan and Istanbul took part. Also, representatives from Chambers Federation of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Rajshahi Chamber, Egypt chamber, Tehran , Isfahan, Kermanshah, Tabriz and Orumieh  Chambers from Iran,  from  Abuja, and Lagos in Nigeria, the D-8 Secretary General (H. E. Dr. Mousavi), The mayor of Izmir, Deputy governor of Izmir and other scientific figures were present. The second day of the meeting was arranged for the D-8 TTEN technology transfer award ceremony.


5- D-8 TTEN Technology Transfer Award Ceremony


 After selection of the winners, the Award composed of 5000 USD cash Award, a plaque and Award emblem was presented to either side of the technology transfer. For the ceremony, the following arrangements were made by the D-8 TTEN Secretariat:


  • Approval of the D-8 TTEN Secretariat and also the organizers of the meeting of the chambers of commerce for holding the Award Ceremony;
  • Informing the winners of the Award and inviting the companies to the ceremony;
  • Traveling arrangements for the winners and representatives of the secretariat to the event;
  • Preparing the contents including the cash Award, the plaque, the emblem and the gift boxes for the cash Award.


On the second day of the meeting and at the end of program before noon the technology transfer award ceremony was held. At this program, all the representatives were present who were addressed by a short opening of Mr. Hosseini Afzal about the Award and the secretariat of the technology transfer network including:


  • The annual holding of the D-8 TTEN Supreme Council  and approval of the Award to be gifted to the best technology transfer based on the general  and specific conditions as approved in the 2014 supreme council meeting held in Nigeria;
  • Informing the countries from early 2016 and to set up the rules for selection and scoring the best contracts;
  • Express network’s inclination to expand trade deals in areas of science and technology through D-8 TTEN Secretariat and its interest to work with chambers of commerce of the member countries including strong companies and encouraging the private companies to attend the international events;
  • Explain about the selection rules of the Award with a summary on Aryogen company from Iran and Inno Bio venture company from Malaysia because of the technical transfer for producing two drugs namely Aryoseven and Altebral in Malaysia based on a contract equivalent to 20 million Dollars  in cash.


The event was followed by a presentation of Mr. Ghanbarpour, Head of Iran National Technomart Center and D-8 TTEN Secretary representative explaining about the D-8 TTEN and the efforts made by the Supreme Council and about the Award. This was followed by an overview on the two companies through video show covering the activities of these two companies.

Finally Dr. Mousavi (D8 Secretary General), Dr. Demirtash ( Head of Izmir Chamber of Commerce), Mr. Ghanbarpour (head of Iran national Technomart Center), Dr. Farshchi (Managing Director of ArioGen company) and Dr. AbdulRahman (Chairman of Inno Bio Ventures Company) were invited to the stage to offer the Awards to the winners.




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